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Engineers Week 2019!

To celebrate Engineers Week the 2nd and 3rd class boys focused on global warming and climate change! 😁We chatted about how climate change is dramatically changing our environment and impacting our lives! We spoke about the sea levels rising, heat waves, droughts and wildfires ! 🔥🌊☀️ To try counteract these issues the boys were challenged to create a sustainable town for 2050! They had to take a look at 6 key areas to plan their dioramas! These were 1. Nature, 2. Buildings, 3. Waste, 4. Energy, 5. Transport and 6. Food. An example of some ideas for the sustainable towns were: solar panels, windmills, park and ride buses, electric vehicles, community gardens and recycling centers.📚✏️ When the dioramas were finished each group had a chance to talk about their ideas and concepts behind their wonderful creations! 💁🏼‍♂️ 

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