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Our Patron Saint

St. Mark the Evangelist is the traditional author of the Gospel of Mark.  In A.D. 43, about 10 years before the ascension of Christ, St. Mark founded the Church of Alexandria.  He became the first bishop of Alexandria and he is honored as the founder of Christianity in Africa.  His feast day is celebrated on April 25 and his symbol is the lion.

St Mark is always depicted with a winged lion with a halo. The lions wings show St Mark's spiritual world. The Halo is a symbol of holiness and the lion itself shows power, the power of the words of the Gospel of St Mark.


Our school crest has the lion in the centre.

The capital M stands for St Mark.

The crown or 'halo' shows St Mark's spirituality.

The feather or 'quill' stands for St Mark as a writer.

The open book is a symbol of peace and also is a reminder of the Gospel of St Mark. 


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