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Minister Simon Coveney visits our class

As part of our Electric Car project, we invited Simon Coveney, Minister for Housing and an Ambassador for Electric Cars to talk to us about EV's (Electric Vehicles).

He was delighted to hear we were promoting Electric Cars so he came to visit us today.

He spoke passionatley about the advantages of Electric Vehicles and what the government is doing to make new Electric Cars cheaper to buy such as free VRT and a 5,000 euro grant. Also that Cork provides free parking around the city to EV's and also teo years free tolls.

The government hopes that in 2025, 10% of cars in Ireland will be powered by electricity. At the moment there are 1.9 million cars on Irish roads, 2,000 of these are Electric cars. We have a long way to go!!

Mr Coveney prasied us for our work and was amazed by how much we knew about EV's. He asked the class to send him a copy of our project when we are finished.

We thanked him for taking time out of his busy schedule and visiting us

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