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School Guidelines

1.  Pupils should be in school for 8.55 a.m.

2.  Notes should be supplied for the following reasons:
     (a) Absence (Reason for absence and number of days included.)
     (b) Late arrival in the morning.
     (c) Incomplete homework
     (d) Incomplete uniform

3.  School uniform consists fo grey trousers, grey shirt and maroon jumper (with school crest).  Each pupil is expected to come to school in full uniform.  Boys are asked to remember that they are representing the school when they are wearing their uniform and should behave accordingly.  School tracksuits must be worn for P.E. Classes.

4.  Pupils should have a lunch each day.  It is important that it be nutritious eg. sandwiches, cheese or fruit.  School milk is supplied.  Under no circumstances are crisps or minerals allowed.

5.  Pupils are expected to behave properly in school.  They should show proper respect for their fellow-pupils, teachers and other people in the school.  Each pupil is expected to show care when dealing with school property and equipment. 

6.  Pupils are expected to work to the best of their ability.  Homework is a very important part of this work.  Parents are asked to supervise their son's homework carefully and to ensure that it is completed in a satisfactory manner.  Please sign homework diary each night.  In the event of homework not being completely done, parents should provide a note in explanation.

7.  Mannerly behaviour is expected from each pupil.  The following misbehaviour will not be accepted from any pupil:
     (a)  Bullying
     (b)  Pushing or shoving in a line
     (c)  Fighting with other pupils
     (d)  Unsporting behaviour during games or at play
     (e)  Bad language
     (f)   Name calling
     (g)  Disruptive behaviour of any kind

8.  Pupils should ensure that the classrooms, corridors and grounds of the school are litter-free at all times.

9.  Pupils are not allowed to have mobile phones on the school premises.  In emergency cases, mobile phones can be given to the Principal, or teacher-in-charge, and they can be collected when pupils are going home.

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