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Here at St Mark's we're really lucky to have lots of afterschool clubs to take part in:

FAI Soccer 

We are super soccer fans and every week we get to practise our skills with one of our teachers in The Glen Resource Centre. This also helps with our fancy tricks on yard where we get to play soccer every day.

Science Club

Albert Einstein watch out! We've plenty of budding scientists that are keen to experiment exploring all the different strands of our science curriculum. We're delighted to have just recieved our third Discover Primary Science and Maths award.

Gentleman's Club

This is exactly as it is named, an afterschool club worthy of only the most gentlemanly pupils in St Mark's. Here the boys can relax on a Friday afternoon and play a game of pool, tabletennis or foosball.  It is the ultimate exclusive gentlemans club and you can be sure every boy in St Marks is keen to recieve an invite on Friday afternoon.

Homework Club

Every Monday - Thursday we have Homework club in St Marks. Here the boys can come and complete their work and if they are finished early play games or have a go on one of the school iPads. Then they go home and rest easy full of the knowledge that all their work is completed.

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